Yosakoi Inari Shrine

Overview of Yosakoi Inari Shrine

Yosakoi Inari Shrine, having the red-coloured main building, is located inside the site of Kochi Daijingu (grand shrine of Kochi), Obiyamachi, Kochi City, Kochi.

In 1955-1956, Kochi Chamber of Commerce & Industry held a bunch of meetings for starting up "something capable of gathering people in the city of Kochi", resulting in the birth of Yosakoi Festival.

Since this shrine is located in Kochi City, which is a sightseeing area with Kochi Castle, Kochi Historical Museum and Hirome market and is the birthplace of Yosakoi Festival, a lot of people from all over Japan come to pray for safety and success of the festival.


  • ◆Michibiraki ... January(GC)
  • ◆Himachi ... December(TC)
  • ◆Hatsuuma ... January(TC)
  • ◆Harumatsuri ... April(GC)
  • ◆Tsukimachi ... August(TC)
  • ◆Omitate ... September(TC)
  • ◆Omukai ... November(TC)
  • ◆Yamashizume ... November(GC)
  • ◆Inari-Himatsuri ... December(GC)
  • *GC:Gregorian calendar
  • *TC:Tenpo calendar

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